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Who is August Suspect?

Oh great... Another artist..

August Suspect is a Music Artist seeking to contribute and define in his mind the genre: Americana Pop.

Whatever that means... 

Influenced by young-adulthood. An ordinary human trying to tell his story with no direction of a coherent ending. 

Americana Pop means to tell a story, a story that will perhaps slip into the never-ending abyss of time. A story told nonetheless. Popular? Probably never.

Released early on YouTube June 24th 2022 due to the day's events.


I do not care what your beliefs are, we are all human. However, if you are proud of the outcome, I feel a great shame for you. Today is a dark foreshadowing for the future of America. Now is the time to use your voice (NEVER VIOLENCE) to ensure all rights for all Americans are secured.

Views are strictly opinions of the artist and not reflective of the opinions of any affiliates.

Not Alone

Don't Survive. Thrive.

In September 2017 I was assaulted. I then proceeded to isolate myself, shutting everyone out, and pushing away anything that I perceived could hurt me further. Truly it was a confusing, and difficult time in my life. I wrote Not Alone out of a need for revenge, and out of a need for change. The best form of revenge is to move on better than before. I needed to be able to give my assailant the ultimate middle finger by being able to say, “I have grown. I have grown into someone better, a whole new person undefined by my past. I am doing better than you could ever imagine.” Ultimately, I needed to be able to forgive him and move on with my life, and stop living constantly looking over my shoulder.

My hope is this song reaches those that need to hear it. I hope that it finds its way to those that need a little reminder that they are not alone in this world.

Please Remember

An apology letter to burned bridges.

I have lived in: Colorado, California, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Washington (state), and Nevada. Each time I relocate I have this ability to burn bridges while mending very few. I suppose that is life in some sense. My release of Please Remember is a reflection on moving through this chaotic thing we call life. It is also an apology letter to anyone in my past that I may have wronged, or cut ties with abruptly for no reason. Please forgive me, I am not a perfect individual.

How Could You Dare

The Joys We Learn From Young Romances

An Ode to "the one that got away". Yeah right...

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